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Summerschool on "Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping"

Anywhere -> Hotel

All (non local) students are housed at the Hotel Mörby (patient hotel). This is a hotel situated next to the regional hospital at Danderyd. The exact coordinates are

Hotell Mörby
Address:Kevingestrand 1B, 182 31 Danderyd
Tel: +46 8-6229000
Fax: +46 8-6229010

From the airport take either the bus or the train to downtown (to the central station). From there take the red subway line (towards Mörby). Exit at Danderyd Sjukhus or Mörby centre (the last station). From there you will find signs for the hotel.

Hotel -> KTH

Take the redline subway towards downtown. Get off at "tekniska högskolan" (KTH). Take the exit towards KTH. Upon exit from the station you will be see a big red building with a golden KTH logo on it. This is the main building. Enter the building through the main entrance and look for lecture hall D1. Details can be found on map below

There will also be signs posted for the summerschool. The computer exercises will be carried out in a computer hall in the same building.

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