IROS 2006 Tutorial

Title: Tutorial on active estimation in mobile robotics.

Date: 10 October 2006

Type: 1-full day tutorial


Henrik I Christensen, KTH/GT
Xiaoming Hu, KTH
Jingtai Liu, Nankai University

Goal of workshop:

Over the last 3 decades estimation and mapping has been studied for mobile systems, in particular as part of mapping and localisation. Today the basic mathematics for Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) is considered known and a number of efficient implementations have been reported in the literature. However most of these methods are passive in the sense that maps are generated based on trajectories generated for other purposes. There are few methods for active exploration of environments and direct use of the acquired models to drive future actions. In this workshop the objective is to present state of the art methods for estimation for mobile systems and discuss present researchon integration of active methods such as entropy minimization into the design of strategies for interaction with environments. The workshop will feature both a review of the current state of the art and explore a number of different strategies for active model optimization. The workshop will also feature a panel discussion on various approaches to active estimation. At the same time the workshop bring together a number of the most prominent researchers in the field for this presentation and discussion. The list of involved speakers at the same time cover estimation across mapping, vision, sensory fusion and systems integration.

Confirmed Speakers

Detailed program for tutorial (last update 2 October 2006).

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