IROS-2006 Tutorial (TT-1) on Active Estimation in Mobile Robotics

Tuesday 10 October 2006

Venue: Convention Hall No.11, 3/F

09.00 Introduction - H. I. Christensen & X. Hu

09.15 3D Mapping and navigation in outdoor and urban environment, Eduardo Nebot, Sydney

09.55 Active Search and Rescue of Avalanche Victims using SLAM Techiques, Jose Neira, Zaragoza

10.35 Break

11.00 Exploration with a Map Occupancy Filter, Martin Adams, Singapore

11.40 A high performance and low power-consumption robot vision system based on FPGA and DSP, Kui Yuan, Beijing

12.20 Summary Morning Sessions

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Active Sensing and Control, Xiaoming Hu, KTH

14.40 Active Exploration in Mapping, Henrik I Christensen, KTH/GT

15.20 Coffee break

15.45 Round table on open problems in estimation and mapping

16.25 Wrap-up and closing

16.45 End of WS

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