Welcome to the WASP summer school 2016

During the summer school you will be working in teams. You will be working towards solving a task at the end of the week. The final task of the team is to compete in a search and rescue operation where you need to identify different objects (QR tags, 2D, 3D objects) placed in the room and mark their 3-D coordinates in a map. The task can be performed by remote controlling the platforms. During the summer school you will work on ways to make the system more autonomous. At the end of the week we will arrange a friendly competition. The team which identifies more objects with greater autonomy wins the competition.

More details about the tasks and subtasks will be presented to you at the summer school.

The links below provide more information about the summer school.

For the contest:

Each team can choose one time slot between each of 12:30PM PM-3:10, 3:30PM-6:10PM and 6:30PM-9:10 PM by following this doodle link.

Link to a map.

Contest schedule



Rough schedule

Monday 22/8

12:00-13:00Lecture room D3Lunch. Picked up just outside D3. inside and outside room D3
13:00-14:00Lecture room D3Welcome and introduction
14:00-17:00Rooms E35+E36Hardware handout and initial assignment
17:00-18:00WorkspacesMove to workspaces
18:00-20:00Syster o BrorDinner. Drinks start at 18:00

Tuesday 23/8

08:30-09:00Lecture room E2Coffe/tea
09:00-10:00Lecture room E2Alexandre Proutiere, KTH/EES
Danica Kragic, KTH/CSC
10:15-11:00Lecture room E2Introduction to module 1: Navigation
11:00-17:00WorkspacesWork on module 1: Navigation
17:00-20:00OutsidePicnic dinner with games

Wednesday 24/8

08:30-09:00Lecture room E2Coffe/tea
09:00-09:30Lecture room E2Dejan Kostic, KTH/ICT
09:30-10:00Lecture room E2Lessons learned and feedback
10:00-10:30Lecture room E2Introduction to module 2: Perception
11:00-18:00WorkspacesWork on module 1: Perception

Thursday 25/8

08:30-09:00Lecture room E2Coffe/tea
09:00-09:30Lecture room E2Lessons learned and feedback
09:30-10:00Lecture room E2Introduction to lab tour
10:00-12:00Lecture room E2Lab tour including visit to contest site.
12:00-18:00WorkspacesWork on integration
18:00-19:00TBDFood for coders

Friday 26/8

08:30-09:00Teknikringen 14, floor 3Coffe/tea and sandwich
09:00-13:30Teknikringen 14, floor 5Contest and lunch and fine tuning
13:30-15:00Lecture room E2Summary and outlook