Lab tour

On Thursday morning there will be a small lab tour where we visit some of the KTH activities connected to WASP and we will also visit the contest site which will be made available to you after lunch today.

You will visit the different places with the groups in your workspace. This means we have the following three sets
A: groups 1+2+3
B: groups 4+5
C: groups 6+7+8

Two of the demos will be at Teknikringen 14 (the place for workspace B). One will be at floor 7 (CVAP) and one will be on the parking lot infront of the building (RCV). One will be at the Smart Mobility Lab (SML) located at Drottning Kristinas väg 48

We then we run them through the demos as
SML: C, B, A
i.e. workspace A starts at CVAP then mobes down to the parking lot outside to look at the RCV and then finish up at SML.