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Modular Educational Robotics Toolbox (MOROB)

Part of the Wallenberg Global Learning Network (WGLN)

Centre for Autonomous Systems, Kungl Tekniska Högskolan (PI: Henrik I. Christensen)

Institute of Systems Engineering, University of Hanover (PI: Bernardo Wagner) - Local project page

Robotics Laboratory, Stanford University (PI: Oussama Khatib)

MOROB Phase 1 Plans (2002-2003)

MOROB Phase 2 Report/Plans (2003-2004)

ICRA-04 Workshop on Educational Robotics

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In recent years, autonomous mobile robots have developed into a very popular topic with high visibility in media like television, newspapers and the internet. Their use in research, entertainment and industrial applications is constantly rising. Going along with this development is an increasing number of robotics courses offered at universities, as well as dissertation projects in this area.

To accomplish such courses and projects, the universities need robot platforms which are flexible and modular so that they can easily be customized to the requirements of different subjects and research goals.

The aim of the MoRob project is to develop such a platform and to provide a standard set of control modules and teaching units.

This platform will have the following characteristics:
  • Scalable performance
  • Modular setup to facilitate tailoring to courses in the different disciplines
  • Flexible interfaces
  • Easy configuration
The new system will not only allow for easy construction of robot systems and their use in robotics courses, it will also be applicable as a vehicle for experimentation in courses on other subjects like programming, signal processing, control theory and artificial intelligence. Therefore a standardized teaching environment will emerge which will be easy to use in a variety of applications.

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