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Florian Pokorny joins CAS as a postdoc

Published May 02, 2011

I am interested in the import of methods from Riemannian Geometry and Topology into Computer Vision and AI. Before coming here, I was focussing on pure mathematics. In April 2011, I completed my PhD "The Bergman Kernel on Toric Kähler manifolds" under supervision of Prof. Michael Singer at the University of Edinburgh. My thesis uses techniques from several subfields of mathematics such as Algebraic Geometry, Riemannian Geometry and Analysis to study asymptotic expansions of Bergman kernels. Before starting my PhD, I studied mathematics at Cambridge, Singapore and Edinburgh.

I am looking forward to working in the exciting research environment here at CVAP/CAS.

Belongs to: Centre for Autonomous Systems - CAS
Last changed: May 02, 2011